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For any size of business

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Project Toolkit
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Intuitive user interface

Check key performance metrics at a glance

Project Toolkit
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Read the full list of features to learn more about how the Project Toolkit iPad App can put you in control of every project you manage.

Set budgets and manage costs

Set your budgets on day one, capture actual costs against tasks and view how this impacting your project.

Streamline project delivery

Customise the projects you manage and focus effort with best practice traffic light reporting system.

Benefits any size of business

Designed for teams managing multiple projects as well as for individuals running one project at a time.

Fast intuitive user interface

Collaborate with team members with in-app messaging, share documents and cut down on backend costs.

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Cost management

Use Project Toolkit to set your budget and contingencies. Review and revise it any time. Group costs to analyse project spends and view graphically. Pull all of these costs through to your invoices, in-app.

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Client interface

Keep clients informed on their project at no extra cost. Assign them a Project Toolkit license and let them view their own project plans, costs and invoices (including any agreed variations) at their leisure.

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To make the most of our features we have provided in-app help to assist you through your project journey. With use of screen shots, videos and concise instructions you will become a project expert in no time.

Bespoke Solutions

We are willing to offer bespoke solutions, so if you believe Project Toolkit would help you more if it could be tailored to the specific needs of your business or industry, please contact us, we want to hear from you!