6 Steps to make setting up projects easier using the Project Toolkit App

Taking time out to plan how you will deliver your project, who you will need to support you, setting realistic budgets and timescales whilst also protecting yourself with solid and clear contract will pay you dividends further down the line.

Many people rush into projects without fully understanding the scope or having a clear view of what they want to achieve. Once you do this you will start to gain an understanding of the associated risks in delivering it.

Try these simple steps to help with setting up projects

By going through these steps it is more likely that you will achieve what you set off to deliver.

1Set up a project in Project Toolkit App and allocated a realistic budget and timescale. You can also allocate a % of contingency for both time and money. We recommend you consider contingency as risks and uncertainty exist at their highest in the very early phases of a project.


Define your scope, ie write down what you aim to achieve, make drawings, take photographs, use specifications, anything that helps to define the Project a little more. This will help to communicate your needs and reduce the possibility of change further down the line. You can upload all the documents you need into Project Toolkit App and share with your project team.


Break your project down into manageable chunks of work. These could be the phases that you are likely to go through or zones (work areas) or systems etc. Within Project Toolkit App these are called ‘groups’.


Remember, people deliver projects so set-up a team and invite them along. Depending on the type of project and ‘group’ you may require different types of skills and therefore different team members, once they join you can start to allocate them tasks and monitor their performance. In the Project Toolkit App you can synchronise all of the teams updates to understand the impact on your Schedule.


Create a plan. Use meaningful tasks and milestones in your groups and add logic to build a schedule of works. In Project Toolkit App Gantt Chart you should take a ‘snap shot’ which allows you to monitor changes in the plan as they happen. Note: As the project develops so will your plan, you can take multiple snap shots through the project life.


Use a contract to minimize your risk exposure. Too many times people and companies alike get into arrangements with little formality and are surprised when things go wrong and costs spiral out of control. With Project Toolkit App there is a contract waiting for you to tailor to your needs.

When your project has been set up in Project Toolkit, you have the building blocks for successful delivery. Now you just need to focus on keeping the plan up to date, managing the costs and making it all happen!