About Project Toolkit

Karl Dooner

Karl Dooner

Founder and producer of the Project Toolkit iPad App

I have worked on and consulted through many large-scale projects over the last 25 years, as well as managing smaller home projects. I have found that Projects have become more complex with the development of information technology and often require large teams to support their delivery. There is more pressure on the Project Manager with increasingly greater accountability and yet no extra time is available for crucial management procedures. I have seen the demand for information and use of more specific project software grow in such a way that it is taking too much time and effort, with a negative impact on the reality of the real work in hand, which seems counterintuitive.

With this in mind my goal is humble – to simplify Project Management through the use of the Project Toolkit App on the iPad.

The Project Toolkit App is a modern and practical solution for Project Managers, as it brings together the building blocks of Project Management, making them available on a mobile device, namely the iPad. Put simply, the Project Toolkit App provides a planning tool, cost management section, a contract that can be tailored to most needs as well as an invoicing section. You can add your project team and assign activities to named individuals as well as inviting your clients to see their projects.

I believe in encouraging feedback and expect users of the Project Toolkit App to contact us if there is anything about the App they want to discuss with us.

Project Toolkit App is owned by Ablesky Limited

Ablesky Limited is registered in England and Wales, Company Number 04427924.

Registered office and main trading address:

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VAT Number 841335054.

Looking ahead to development of Project Toolkit App

Over the next 12 months our design team will continue with the development of the Project Toolkit App, posting help videos for users and looking at new Apps to build on the original Toolkit to take it further.

Browse our website for further information about downloading and using the Project Toolkit App on your iPad. Please read the all of the legal information published on the site and our latest News.