Why use an iPad App for Project Management?

It is true to say that people, not software, deliver projects. However, if new software becomes available to help with the tasks involved in project management, then all project managers will be interested in the benefits and want to find out more about how to use it to their advantage.

There are a number of Project Management Apps for use on the iPad, including Project Toolkit.

Key features of the Project Toolkit iPad App

The Project Toolkit App has been produced specially for the iPad by people with years of experience in project management and with a strong desire to share this experience with others.

Project Toolkit offers the user the scope for full integration all of the key elements of project management in one tool designed specifically for the iPad. With this App, the aim has been to tie up all of the key components of the projects into one area, applicable whether you are managing a single project for yourself or many projects as part of a business. This is important where watching performance can be the difference between profit and loss.

There are guidance notes through each section of the Project Toolkit App as well as screen shots to assist in making the transition for first time users as smooth as possible.

Project Toolkit has all the key features and functionality you would expect:

  • Gantt charts
  • Cost Management
  • In-app Contract – tailored to your needs
  • Interactive Project Team
  • Invoicing sections – create, schedule and manage your invoicing
  • Red Amber Green (RAG) performance indicators
  • Cost and Schedule Contingency Allocations
  • A range of Graphs to help display your project performance

The Project Toolkit App works under a license arrangement and allows you to manage how the licenses are distributed. You can invite a Client to each of your projects allowing them a view only version of the App at no extra cost.